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Articles For Financial Advisors The Importance of Standard Deviation in Investment Institute of Business & Finance

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that every year the asset returned exactly 10%. A mutual fund with a long track record of consistent returns will display a low standard deviation. A growth-oriented or emerging market fund is likely to have greater volatility and will have a higher standard deviation. In other words, the Sharpe ratio aims […]

Kurs Dolar australijski AUD :: Kursy walut NBP

Contents Od czego zależy cena dolara australijskiego? Aktualna cena skupu uszkodzonych i wycofanych banknotów AUD wynosi: 2.1 PLN. AUD – waluta, która zastąpiła funta australijskiego AUD kurs – jaka jest pozycja na rynku dolara australijskiego? Aktualnie będące w obiegu dolary australijskie Obecnie nad walutą czuwa Bank Rezerw Australii, a jego główna siedziba znajduje się w […]

How to Begin Forex Trading in India? Steps, FAQs

Contents Currency Derivatives Trading Understanding the Functioning of a Cross Currency Swap Buy Books Online, Largest Book Store in India Currency Options – A favourite tool for currency traders Learn Basics of Capital Market Customised Hedging and Trading solutions, across markets and time zones, through dedicated Forex Relationship Managers. SWIFT India, a joint venture between […]

Automated trading system Wikipedia

People often correlate losses with emotional trading or becoming too personally invested in the outcome of a trade. Over-involvement can lead to over-thinking and then to over-trading, which in turn may lead to loss. In the discipline of trading, it can help to stick with a consistent strategy. As a burgeoning asset class with a […]

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