The Importance of Good Governance

Despite their ubiquity in boardrooms today, business governance remains a fancy and difficult topic. It’s a multifaceted responsibility, often pass on across departments, including human resources, finance, procurement and of course legal counsel and conformity. Achieving very good governance is not easy in a world where managers will be consumed by unrelenting pressure to meet quarterly earnings, activists are poised to leap following any deficiency, and attorneys are ready to record lawsuits after a big share drop.

Corporate and business governance certainly is the body of policies and practices that dictate how a company’s market leaders make decisions and respond, typically with an focus on transparency, accountability and ethical business practice. It is often the responsibility of a table of company directors, which includes important shareholders, founders and executives as well as self-sufficient directors (who do not reveal the same ties to the company).

John \leads boards, committees and elderly management groups through a collection of challenges which includes growth, new markets, downturn and succession. He brings a deep and broad knowledge of the principles of good governance to support consumers in boosting their own effectiveness and navigating the risks of disruption and change. John can be described as core worldwide facilitator designed for the Aussie Institute of Company Administrators and an in-demand phone speaker on board performance, practical governance and business disruption. His global knowledge means he is well-equipped to assist companies get ready for the impact of market, generational and personal change.

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