Javascript Developer Salary in United Kingdom Average Salary

Let’s compare an entry-level JavaScript developer salary to the paycheck for senior JS talent, based on PayScale and Glassdoor data for the US. Be prepared to pay between $78,000 and $120,000 a year for a good JS developer in the US. Keep in mind, though, that the average salary also changes across the country.

average javascript developer salary

Javascript developers with 1-4 years of experience are paid $72K, while the salary for Javascript developers in the US having 5-9 years of experience grows to $118K per year. Need more information on developers’ salary levels worldwide? At Newxel, we’ve searched the web and polled hundreds of software engineers to unearth their salaries. Continue reading to get more information on how much developers can earn. With the rise of JavaScript, the demand for JavaScript developers is growing at a blistering pace.

JavaScript developer salaries based on years of experience

In this article, ‘salary’ refers to the gross monthly salary (before tax) provided by more than 4500 survey respondents. This increases by 28.8% to an average of R once they’ve been in the profession for at least two years. However, the gap between them and junior JavaScript as a whole has widened to 12.4%.

Salaries for junior JavaScript developers rise by 40.5% to an average of R after they gain two years of experience. They now earn 11.2% less than their TypeScript counterparts but the gap between themselves and junior React developers has narrowed to 6.4%. Develop tools using the company software architecture and existing javascript frameworks.. The minimum pay rate per hour for people working as Javascript Developer in Pakistan is 210 PKR. This is the minimum as per the gathered data in the salary survey not the minimum hourly rate mandated by law.

What is the Pay by Experience Level for Web Developers?

Get outsourcing rates in Eastern Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa as well as tips on how to choose the country for offshore development. In Germany, JavaScript developer salary reaches $92,575 per year, when in the Netherlands it is a bit lower – $92,227. Review the job openings and experience requirements for the JavaScript Developer job to confirm that it is the job you are seeking. Emily is a professional tech writer and content strategist. She spent over a decade in tech startups, immersed in the world of UX and design thinking. In addition to writing for The CareerFoundry Blog, Emily has been a regular contributor to several industry-leading design publications and wrote a chapter for The UX Careers Handbook.

average javascript developer salary

It is widely used for building compelling web applications, such as Freelancer, Crunchbase, Google Express, and many more. The average salary of an AngularJS developer is higher than the salary of a developer who has mastered Node.js. ZipRecruiter shows similar results, with an average Node.js developer salary as $114,829 per year. According to PayScale, an average Node.js developer salary stands at $65,437 per year.

Ayúdanos a proteger Glassdoor

It extends the HTML code into the application and interprets the attributes to perform data binding. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Khan Academy, Codecademy, Dropbox, Atlassian, Airbnb, and many other tech giants use React.js for web development. As per our research, New York and New Jersey are the best-paying states for JavaScript developers in 2021.

Vue.js has excellent documentation with minimal barriers to entry, which ensures faster loading time. A powerful, efficient, and open-source JavaScript framework. Google operates this framework to implement the development of a Single Page Application (SPA).

Factors affecting the JavaScript software engineer salary

Finally, Indeed data on the average base JavaScript programmer salary places it at $108,618 annually. According to Glassdoor, the average JavaScript developer salary is $90,121 in the US in August 2021, and senior specialists get up to $152,000 a year. Read on to discover the state of the market and how you can reduce the JavaScript developer’s salary you have to pay without compromising on the security of your code. This is why ensuring there are no backdoors and loopholes in your JS is essential for guaranteeing your app’s security. To do this, you’ll need to pay a full-stack JavaScript developer salary, which will be quite hefty if you’re recruiting in the US. Yet, JavaScript outlook varies by country with each one having their own combination of favorite frameworks.

  • The goal wasn’t to make it a standard language of the web, but this eventually happened.
  • An average full-stack JavaScript developer has a salary that ranges from $87,750 to $142,168 annually in any part of the US.
  • They’ll provide feedback, support, and advice as you build your new career.
  • Grid Dynamics is a digital-native technology services provider that accelerates growth and bolsters competitive advantage for Fortune 1000 companies.
  • Based on their analysis of over 200,000 coding tests in 143 countries, they found that 34.8% of companies testing for junior roles tested for JavaScript developers.

However, those differences are becoming less significant. Here we’ll look at data from the region’s two largest labour markets for software developers and other IT specialists – Poland and Ukraine. The jobs portal estimates the average javascript developer salary in the UK to be £58,900 a year or £4170 a month, rising to £69,545 a year or £4924 a month in London. The data is based on 1500 reported salaries across the UK and over 700 in London.

Full Stack Developer – javascript

Here are the average JavaScript salaries for the main European IT outsourcing hubs and Israel, according to PayScale. Because JavaScript is just-in-time compiled in every browser, anyone with the right skills can mess with the JS on your website or app—and some hackers definitely will. This means you’ll almost inevitably end up using JavaScript (JS) at some point for your frontend (and possibly backend) interactions.

average javascript developer salary

They’ll provide feedback, support, and advice as you build your new career. Our career-change programs are designed to take you from beginner to pro in your tech career—with personalized support every step of the way.

Javascript Developer average salary in United Kingdom, 2023

As you can see, JavaScript developers are both in-demand and well-paid. As with most career paths, you can expect your salary to increase as you gain more experience in the field. According to their report, 53.6% of employers worldwide say they need JavaScript skills, yet only 42% of student developers say they are proficient in the language.

JavaScript is among those programming languages that are important to get the job desired. This is why developers around the world consider learning and including JavaScript in their resume as a key to their careers. The point is that JavaScript is closely tied to client-side software development, which is crucial when it comes to grabbing the users’ attention and converting them into clients. It’s hard to overestimate this language also from a server-side perspective, where Node.js as a JavaScript runtime environment is a great fit.

Salary comparison with similar jobs

Such high demand has forced industry players to increase developer salaries in order to attract talent. Grid Dynamics is a digital-native technology services provider that accelerates growth and bolsters competitive advantage for Fortune 1000 companies. The company has 15+ years of experience in digital transformation and software innovation, most notably open-source cloud-native programs. Infoworld, Dice, CNBC named JavaScript as one of the easiest to learn and most in-demand programming languages of 2020. According to the Web Technology Surveys Report, JavaScript was used to develop 95.2% of all websites as of February 2020.

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