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Just generally, I think it’s a sad state of affairs when we are relying uniquely on our employers as our social hub in any capacity, and I think sometimes, people — this is a difficult thing to talk about because people are like, I like my work friends. And there’s nothing wrong with having work friends, but I think the situations in which work becomes the primary source of all of your connection is more indicative of an unhealthy relationship with work just generally. Charlie warzelOne thing that I think about when trying to figure out what the office is for, I think the office is, to some degree, a place for people who work together to learn a bit about each other. And I think that’s just worth underlining again and again. If you, at home right now, are thinking about, oh, my gosh, I still can’t stand my work from home scenario, I just feel really lonely, I never work with anyone, I never see anyone, it’s not the future. There are so many different setups and co-working scenarios moving forward that are going to, I think, really define the future of work. And I think, to what Anne was saying with inclusion and the way that different workers are actually thriving in this, what you’re doing with a true hybrid environment is you are giving new people a chance to contribute in different ways.

  • Anne helen petersenI’m so glad you asked about this because I think it’s a huge problem.
  • We can even pass public policy that makes work less central.
  • If you are someone who likes to stay updated on what is happening in the world without the fear of being distracted by the TV or radio, The Times News Briefing is a must-listen.
  • Then the other two days, Wednesday, Friday is home time for time for kind of quiet work, deep work, maybe one-on-ones cause they’re fine over zoom.
  • But when you actually talk to people about their current work arrangements, many of them have mixed feelings, and I’m one of them.

You are actually working against the organization here. You are going against our values and our guidelines. You’re creating more work for other people in this sense, and there’s actual disciplinary procedures or something. I’m producing more, writing more, having more success than I ever have before. I also work fewer collective hours over the course of the week, and one of the ways I’m able to do that is that I don’t have Slack anymore. I’m spending so much less time just trying to evidence that I am working to others, and then spending that time doing work or not doing work.

Laurel Farrer on The Global WFH Experiment & The Long-Term Promise Of Remote Work

At Wurkr, we are massive fans of podcasts and so we have created a list of our favorite must-listen podcasts for remote workers. So these were computer engineers, folks in marketing, finance, et cetera. Others had a hybrid schedule working from home two days a week, and the results were really striking.

Still, oftentimes, WFH can feel like there are so, so many hours in a day, and you have to figure out how to spend the time wisely. If you’re looking for something a little different, try the Offbeat Life podcast. Born on a Filipino island but raised in New York City, host Debbie has a fascinating and unique perspective. After discovering her passion for photojournalism, she began a digital nomad life that she’s keen to share. A podcast interested in the idea of “life beyond your borders,” About Abroad discusses topics of being an expat and working from anywhere. Host Chase Warrington knows all about this, being an American residing and working in Spain.

6 Digital Nomad Cafe

Yes, the office is dying, but a new, better way of working has yet to be born. So while it might feel terrible and messy now, I think there’s a real opportunity in this moment for not only rethinking where we work, but reimagining how we work.

Rogé karmaSo if you would have asked me a year ago, even six months ago, to make a prediction, I probably would have said that a lot more offices would have returned to fully in-person work by now, but that hasn’t really happened. The amount of time office workers report working from home has actually risen in the past year. A bunch of companies that were talking about much stricter return-to-office policies have either backtracked or aren’t really enforcing those policies. So this is a conversation about how companies and workers can navigate this wild, truly unprecedented moment in the history of work. It’s about what the office is for, about what the post-office future of work could look like, and it’s about what it would take for working from home to truly begin to live up to its utopian promise.

9 WorkLife with Adam Grant

Rogé karmaSo I take your point, Charlie, that this is a perk that’s really hard to roll back. When you look at surveys of office workers, for example, the plurality of people clearly prefer some form of hybrid work.

remote work podcasts to check out if you wfh

So I was teaching with Nancy Rothbard, Sigal Barsade, and Samir Nurmohamed, and we said, we’ve got to, we have 80 students at a time in a section. And we decided that we would use the chat window instead of the raise hand feature. So we had, if you have a question put in hashtag question and you can type it out, or we’ll just see that you have a question and we’ll call on you. If you want to challenge something that I’ve said, or one of your classmates has said. We did a hashtag on fire, which was a Seagal invention.

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The podcast where we talk about anything IT related and even some topics that are IT adjacent. I’m your host Ryan Bacon, the IT Support Engineer at JumpCloud Directory Platform. Below we have also presented this episode in written form.

Her passion is using words to bring brands to life, and telling their stories in unique and engaging ways. She shares a life of wonder, curiosity and exploration with her husband, two children and pet lizard. Want to learn more ways remote work can grow your bank account and find inspiration to start remote work podcast saving? HalfHalfTravel has 12 tips to save money while working from home . The possibilities are endless, and it all starts with making smart choices as a remote worker. The perk is that working from home gives you the opportunity to achieve a better work/life balance than you’ve ever dreamed of.

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